If we were having coffee

Adventure / Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Hi everyone! How’s your day? I hope you all are doing great, want to have a coffee break with me? Let’s take a sit and have a coffee with me while we talk about things in life and catch up with each other.

If we were  having coffee..  Since it’s Christmas Season, I’d probably go for a peppermint mocha paired with a muffin or maybe a danish.

If we were having coffee.. I’d tell you how my day went and how excited I am for this Holiday Season. The feeling of anticipation for the next year to come and plans that I have in mind.

If we were having coffee.. I’d tell you how am I doing with  between my work and my studies. How I manage my time despite of the hectic schedules and  deadlines. I am preparing for my examination in Business Math at the moment, and how much I persevere to finish college to finally get a decent job.

If we were having coffee. I’d tell you that I’m super obsessed with this Supergirl show and I’m excited for what will happen in the next seasons.

If we were having coffee.. I’d tell you how much I miss the Philippines, my family and my friends. That I still get home sick and cry in my sleep whenever I miss them. I honestly want to spend Christmas back home, how we celebrate Christmas there in the Philippines is just so exciting and joyous and memorable. Those are just one of the things I miss back home.

If we were having coffee.. I’d tell you how excited I am to travel although my pocket is not yet prepared but I got a long list of countries that I would like to visit, of course, all of us wants to travel the world and it lands the number one spot of my bucket list. I want to go visit places like South Korea, Japan, New York, France, Singapore, Malaysia and many more. Which places would you like to go?

If we were having coffee.. I’d tell you how stoked I am for the events that I planing to attend. I am looking forward to YC Alberta which is a Christian Youth Conference that is held annually bringing together world-class speakers, worship leaders, musicians, artists and Christian leaders. I’m also planning to fly to Vancouver this summer to unwind and explore the city plus the main reason, I’m a massive one direction fan and 1/4 of the One direction, Harry Styles will be having his concert there. I’m really excited for whatever plans I have for next year and I cannot wait to welcome 2018.

So, if we were having coffee, what would you be drinking and what would you tell me? Let me know. That’s enough catching up for today, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Until next time.

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