Bingsu Cravings

Adventure, Food, Travel / Sunday, January 21st, 2018

So after the Sunday service at church, we finally went for a Bingsu. It’s a Korean shaved ice dessert with a sweet fruit toppings. I saw one of my of friends post in facebook about this Bingsu place called Snow Village. At first I didn’t know what a Bingsu is but then I saw a delicious picture of it and from that I have this urge to try it. I have been craving for a sweet and cold thing to eat lately, so we plan to get a Bingsu since none of my friends tried it before and they were as curious as I am about it.

Well it has different flavours, there’s oreo, mango, korean rice cake, and I actually got the strawberry one. To rate it, it’s gonna be 9 out of 10. We’ll definitely come back for another bingsu. And to mention, it was actually -25 weather when we went for this and we were freezing when we finish it.

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