My life since we moved

Adventure, Blog, Lifestyle / Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Have you ever experience when you feel like you have to start all over again. New life, new beginnings. Literally, back to zero.

2 years ago, we moved here in Canada. Moving here, is considered as a huge blessing for my family because we’ve waited a long time for this opportunity. I am happy of course, because my family are all gonna be together again. But on the other hand, a part of me is lonely.  It was mixed emotions. I was loath to leave because it’s not easy to leave the place where you were born and raised and what you call your home.

My life back home is amazing. I have friends and  I am happy at school in fact, I’m almost about to graduate at University in a couple of months before we moved. It’s just disappointing to know that everything that I’ve worked hard in flickered around which makes me have to start all over again.

The first couple of months since we moved, I find myself crying, wishing I could go back home. Not wanting to go out and scared of people. It’s like living a new life in a strange city with unfamiliar people. It is normal to experience being culture shock, it can be overwhelming and takes time to adjust. Language barrier is also considered as one of the cons of moving in a new country. You are bound to experience communication barrier, it is hard to express yourself verbally especially if you move to a new country with a native language different from your mother tongue. Honestly, I took language classes for four months to improve myself in speaking English.

Moving in a new country and start all over again might be so difficult. You must be presumptuous to conquer any challenges in life. I’m glad that I have overcome things and learned to step out of my comfort zone. Right now, I am happy and I am enjoying this roller coaster ride of my new life.

Thank you for taking your time to read.

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  1. Hey Jai! Thanks for the follow towards my blog. I love this post. I definitely think you’ll experience way more adventures that you’ll love! Change is always good. Hehe, Xo, Karla

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